Aust & NZ

Pentana Solutions provides a number of different Dealer Management Systems (DMS) to Australian and New Zealand retail dealerships. The dealer management systems have been hand picked over a span of 40 years and represent a collective product suite designed to get the best out of your dealership’s showroom.

Every dealer management system was developed with the highest attention to detail in mind, delivering an extensive range of functionality. Extensive functionality that includes dealership-changing reporting tools, time-saving automation and up-to-the-minute uploads.

The latest software combines intelligence and integration to deliver comprehensive dealer management systems that link and streamline every area of the dealership in real-time. At the heart of all four dealer management systems is the ability to streamline dealerships, improve efficiencies, and ultimately increase the Dealer’s bottom line.

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Automotive dealership showrooms are about selling vehicles, making deals. That's why Pentana Solutions' dealer management systems make deal processing faster and easier. eraPower provides automotive dealerships with a clean way to upsell dealer accessory options; once factory options have been worked through, the dealer management system's showroom module will give the viewer a neat menu tool.


Designed as small business software, this Dealer Management System (DMS) caters well for vehicle dealerships, as well as specialised machinery, marine, and agricultural retail showrooms. Really the solution is all about saving your showroom staff time on every quote or deal to ensure they can do more every month.


Pentana Solutions has created a Dealer Management System (DMS) that begins the customer journey the right way, ensuring the showroom team captures information right from the beginning. From quote, stock control, to salesperson’s diaries, Nova’s showroom module offers every functionality in a simple windows based configuration.


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