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Pentana Solutions offers a highly customisable cloud networks and connectivity services that deliver consistent performance across all your dealerships.

The Pentana Solutions Cloud environment has been specifically designed for Pentana Solutions customers. In conjunction with our customers and partners, Pentana Solutions has developed an environment that acts and performs the same way as if a customer was operating in their own office.

Pentana Cloud resides in a purpose built data centre, with redundancy at the core of all aspects, from the network and server configuration, power and backups. It has been developed using Enterprise grade equipment from the industry’s leading and most trusted vendors. Unlike many generic cloud providers, Pentana Cloud enables full functionality of all of Pentana Solutions’ products and interfaces straight out of the box. This is all fully owned, operated and supported by Pentana Solutions staff.


Pentana Solutions SD-WAN simplifies the way networks are designed, deployed and managed. It provides powerful capabilities that increase the agility of IT teams whilst simultaneously reducing running costs.


Pentana Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is secure cloud computing that delivers fundamental network and storage resources on demand. One of many Pentana Solutions’ cloud services, Pentana IaaS helps businesses create secure and scalable infrastructure.


Pentana Update as a Service (UaaS) gives dealers a top-down view of each registered device's status, allowing dealers to take the first easy but vital step in protecting their business from cyberattacks.

Authentication Services

By using Pentana Solutions’ Authentication Services, you can unify identities and consolidate directories, simplify identity and access management. Users will not have to remember multiple logins, which significantly reduces support requests.

Office 365

Microsoft office suite of applications is one of the most widely used suite of productive applications. Whether you’re at your dealership or on the road, Office 365 enables you to create, communicate and collaborate easily on any devices.

Intercept X

Sophos Intercept X is the world’s best endpoint protection for servers, desktops and laptops. It stops the latest cybersecurity threats with a combination of deep learning artificial intelligence, anti-ransomware capabilities, exploit prevention and other techniques.


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