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Industry leading CRM software ensures your customers never go out of reach.

Pentana Solutions values its customers above everything else and knows the importance of maintaining excellent customer relationship management. That’s why we’ve ensured our dealer management systems are armed with CRM software that make it easy for Dealers to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Whether you’re utilising the integrated campaign tools or outsourcing surveys to our CRM Contact Centre, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with customers through our vast array of cutting edge CRM software.

CRM Contact Centre

Sometimes the best way to reach your customers isn't through CRM software. Instead, it's through person to person contact, the old school way. With Pentana Solutions' CRM Contact Centre, dealerships outsource their customer communication needs to our in-house call centre to contact customers through various mediums of print, telephone, SMS, and email. What's even better is through integrated CRM software, all leads, bookings, and appointments made by our staff are entered automatically into your DMS.


Industry leading CRM software, DealerSocket, uses integrated processes to Market, Sell, and Satisfy customer relationship management needs. This #1 CRM software is able to attract customers who would not have come to the dealership otherwise, as well as prevent current customers from going out of reach. Through campaign management, customer loyalty and ROI reporting - marketing expenses are reduced and revenue is increased almost immediately with DealerSocket, leading CRM software.

CRM Consulting

We understand the challenges dealerships experience in driving CRM, even with the best intentions marketing strategy and tactics can fall by the wayside leaving the door open to competitors in your PMA. For this reason Pentana Solutions designed two CRM consulting packages. A short two day consult or ongoing twelve month service.

Dynamic Matching

Customer relationship management is only as good as the data it uses. That's why the most critical component to any CRM software is the database it runs from. The perfect complement to our CRM software solutions is Dynamic Matching - a data cleansing product that verifies information instantly. Keep your database reliable and your CRM software running at its full potential with accurate names, addresses and email addresses, all verified upon entry.


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