Aust & NZ

How did we get here?

The 70’s

1974 General Motors Holden selects ICS (Independent Computing Services), local bureau and C.A.R.S. (Computerized Automotive Reporting Services – Birmingham Alabama) to bring the CARS Management Accounting system to Australia for GMH dealers C.A.R.S. products and services now available in Australia. Data is transmitted each night to the ICS-CARS mainframes for overnight processing and return of daily error reports and Daily Operating Control.

1975 ICS-CARS starts delivering the ICS developed Automotive Parts Inventory Control and Reordering system to interstate dealers.

1977 CARS Pty. Ltd. established as a wholly owned subsidiary of C.A.R.S. Inc. and later that year installed first mainframe in Melbourne Head Office offering bureau services to customers.

1978 First On-Line Parts System installed enabling customers to inquire on parts inventory.

The 80’s

1981 C.A.R.S. Inc. becomes Dyatron CARS Inc. and CARS Pty. Ltd. change name to Dyatron Corporation (simple name change).

1983 Dyatron Corporation Pty.Ltd. delivers its first in-house dealer mini-computer based system, ‘Carsway’.
The Reynolds and Reynolds Company of Dayton, Ohio establishes a wholly owned subsidiary in Australia, Reynolds and Reynolds Australia, to compete with Dyatron, selling in-house dealer system – VimNet.

1985 The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, Dayton, acquires 100% of Dyatron Corporation Pty. Ltd. Within 30 days, returns the expatriate Americans running Reynolds Australia, to the USA, changes Dyatron Corporation Pty. Ltd.‘s name to Reynolds & Reynolds Pty. Ltd. and combines the two businesses.

1988 ERA arrived in Australia.

The 90’s

1994 DealerLink was born to allow dealers to trade with each other electronically anywhere in the country.

1997 Parts CLERA well established, but needed something similar for Vehicles – carsales was born.

1998 ERA Release 9.0 including first production use of DealerLink for Parts Trading. Reynolds expands opening offices in Thailand.

1999 Reynolds further expands overseas with a new office in Auckland, New Zealand.

The 21st Century

2000 Executive ERA launched. became a public company and independent business.
Philippines office opens, continuing our International expansion.

2001 Direct Marketing (CRM Contact Centre) commenced offering call centre services remotely for dealerships. REYNA Finance (Pentana Finance) company established offering customers a finance solution for their DMS purchase rather than an upfront capital cost.

2003 Asian expansion continues with the opening of an office in China. Laser Smart Forms established customized forms printing for dealers on plain paper. R.I.T.C.H. Foundation fund raising organisation introduced, our opportunity to give to the local community.

2004 Reynolds & Reynolds acquired competitor, Computer Fiscal Services (CFS) all staff retained.

2006 ERAnet Service and AddressLink now available. Reynolds & Reynolds acquired AutoLedgers and NOVA from Infomedia.

2007 launched to general public for booking cars in for servicing over the internet 24/7.

2008 Reynolds & Reynolds changes name to Pentana Solutions, after a 15 year agreement for naming rights expired.

2010 Pentana Solutions acquired IDS.

2011 Pentana Solutions acquired Wilkinson Document Management Systems. Launched our new CRM Solution, DealerSocket.

2012 Pentana Solutions announced acquisition of Esseitalia and partial acquisition of PareX. We move into our new Global Head Office - 549 Blackburn Road Mount Waverley Victoria, Australia.

2014 QuickView Videos launched in ServiceNow. Pulse launched to customers.

2015 Pentana Solutions launches eraPower Dealer Management System. Pentana Solutions was featured in BRW’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies.

2016 Walter James Pisciotta was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia.

2018 eraPower Apps launched.

2019 Pentana Solutions has been recognised as an Employer of Choice (EOC) in The Australian Business Awards 2019.

2021 Enhanced R.I.T.C.H principles to En.R.I.T.C.H. values, with the addition of the Enjoyment value.

2021 Pentana Solutions has been recognised as an Employer of Choice (EOC) in The Australian Business Awards 2021.