Aust & NZ
29th May 2015

We put the spotlight on our customers’ stories.

We are delighted to have received the recent customer feedback from Jon Heap, Dealer Principal at Ferntree Gully Toyota and Katja Lieb, Group Marketing Manager at Brighton, Mentone, and Chadstone Motorworld.

At Pentana Solutions, we endeavor to provide our customers with the best solutions to meet their needs and match this with an exceptional customer service experience.

We would like to help you grow your business and contribute to your success. If you have a pending need, do not hesitate to contact us.

Jon Heap on DealerSocket

“DealerSocket has been an integral part of our Dealership achieving our CRM Objectives in 2014. When used for Lead Management, Prospect and Target Marketing activities, DealerSocket has given the Sales department the appropriate tools to achieve higher closing ratios”. Jon Heap, Dealer Principal – Ferntree Gully Toyota (AHG).

Katja Lieb on DealerSocket and Stuart Charman, Pentana Solutions CRM Strategic Consultant.

CRM DealerSocket

“DealerSocket takes manual processes behind reporting traffic, following up customers and tracking marketing and allows for all this to be controlled by one system. All leads have full transparency and accountability from sales consultants through to managers.

CRM helps our dealer group make the most of every lead and every customer in our database, making it possible to market to them and for us to communicate with them beyond just their assigned sales representative at every step of their experience with us whether that be buying or servicing a car”.

Stuart Charman

“Stuart’s passion for the use of CRM and in particular Dealersocket is evident in his dedication to ensuring that we are using the program to the best of our abilities. I know each of my meetings with him will help me gain a better understanding of the CRM’s capabilities, how we are using it and where we can improve. He is a crucial part of training and creating a culture around this program at our dealerships”. Katja Lieb, Group Marketing Manager - Brighton, Mentone, and Chadstone Motorworld.

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