Aust & NZ
6th Mar 2014


Continued integration within ERAnet & ERALink

At Pentana Solutions, we feel if something can be done quicker and easier throughout your work day at a dealership - it’s our job to find it. It is with this mindset that iPPSR came about - standing for integrated PPSR and car history certificates. Now, dealers can do the entire PPSR check process from within the ERP instead of having to use separate systems and collection storage places for checks. That’s right - no more paper! This powerful differentiator is just one of the ways Pentana Solutions continues to better your dealership ERP system.

How does it work?

The initiative of iPPSR is to centralise the PPSR information throughout your dealership. Whether you’re in ERAnet or ERAlink - you can now view the PPSR status on all vehicles in stock, directly in your screen. See example below. A warning message will signal when a vehicle has failed a PPSR check, written-off check or stolen check. And rest assured the status is accurate as the data is seamlessly integrated both ways between ERAnet/ERALink and AutoCheck, removing the need for you to do uneccessary checks.

The iPPSR button allows users to view a PPSR status, written-off status or stolen status recorded from a PPSR certificate previously generated from AutoCheck or ERAnet. The field will display PASS, FAIL or N/A. A PASS status represents that there are no encumbrances, write-off, stolen or Car History statuses. A FAIL represents the opposite - that one of these statuses has been recorded against the VIN. And a N/A lets you know that a PPSR certificate or Car History report has not yet been generated.

iPPSR includes a centralised note panel, storing notes regarding the PPSR transaction and encumbrance information. You can see where the certificate was generated, the PPSR certificate or Car History report number, the date & time the certificate was generated, and whether it was generated by an ERA user or AutoCheck user.

iPPSR is part of a continued initiative at Pentana Solutions to bring you the integration and innovation that you need at your dealerships; ensuring you have the cutting edge you need to always stay on top in a competitive market. If you’d like to know more about iPPSR or you have any ideas for where we can develop greater efficiencies at your dealership,

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