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10th Jun 2015

Ignite your end of financial year sales event.

Just as the early bird catches the worm, it is important to plan ahead and act quickly to catch the end of financial year sales market. For great results you need to be one step ahead of the competition, and that is where the Pentana Solutions Contact Centre can help.

Automotive dealership sales event
Automotive dealership sales event

The end of financial year is an ideal occasion for using the Pentana Solutions Contact Centre, as many potential customers are entering the market to purchase a vehicle.

Our records show that over the past six months we have had a 70-per-cent success rate in reaching lost leads and then reconnecting them back with dealers. Furthermore, the Pentana Solutions CRM contact centre team has also successfully updated more than 30,000 database records in that time.

We are a results-based company with more than 12 years of professional experience ‘match making’ customers with dealers. We successfully manage automotive dealer’s customer contacts, becoming part of a dealership’s overall customer-relationship management. Presently, the Pentana Solutions contact centre offers services to 80 dealers, who consider it an important element in their multi-channel marketing strategy.

To develop a dealer’s customer-relationship, we offer the opportunity to interact with customers via multiple channels. Typically this includes telephone calls as well as e-mail newsletters, postal catalogues and SMS, to help to sell more cars and increase service retention.

If you are hosting an end of financial year sales event, the Pentana Solutions Contact Centre knows how to help. The contact centre will follow up with customers on your behalf, who are possibly due for an upgrade, and inform them of your event with the purpose of generating test drives.

Thirty of Pentana Solutions’ CRM contact centre sales professional employees will knuckle down through your contact list with the goal of pre-booking your end of financial year event, and in the process we will update your customer records. Once the administrative team completes data cleansing and updates your records, Pentana Solutions will deliver to you an accurate contacts list of qualified leads, thus expanding your pool of sales opportunities.

Those who have used our services know the benefits that the Pentana Solutions Contact Centre has to offer, not only during the end of the financial year sales period but year round. It is important to generate sales throughout the year, and we are here to assist you in achieving your monthly sales targets.

But, perhaps you are thinking of having a staff member or your sales force take over your outbound marketing activities for your end of year sales event? If so, consider the process, the allocation of resources needed and the effort required to complete these tasks successfully? Can you really afford the time to organise this and follow up with contacts that forget to Répondez s’il vous plait, to your sales event invitation?

Our professionals are used to the hard lifting on a daily basis and consequently can talk to more customers on your behalf. Our records show that sales events are the number-one showroom activities. They generate the most sales for dealers, who work hand-in-hand with the Pentana Solutions Contact Centre. So, if you want to accelerate an end-of-year sales event now, then click here to find how the Pentana Solutions Contact Centre can ‘Ignite’ your event.

Act now, click here to be directed to our CRM Contact Centre revenue calculator to get an estimate number of additional deals, and extra gross revenue we can generate for you. To learn more about Pentana Solutions CRM Contact Centre, follow this link.