Aust & NZ
13th Dec 2013

You use your DMS every day but have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to do things? Pentana Solutions held a free consulting day on fixed operations to dealers in Queensland, Australia to address the answer. The idea behind the day was to utilise our experts in the field and show local dealers the tips and tools they need for getting the most out of their DMS.

The day was setup in two parts - a service session in the morning and a parts session in the afternoon. Pentana Solutions provided morning tea and lunch amidst the sessions. Colin Evans and Kevin Hoare of Pentana Solutions presented to 25 local dealers about the untapped efficiencies and productivity tools available in ERAnet. Through engagement, interaction and many questions, they provided dealers the opportunity to truly discover the benefits of their current DMS.

The feedback we’ve received since holding the free consulting day has been overwhelming. Our experts proved the notion behind ‘knowledge is power’, showing 25 dealers just how powerful ERAnet really is for a dealership. All attending fixed operations managers headed back to their dealership, excited to execute and teach what they had learned.

If you’re interested in attending a free consulting day in your area, please contact us here.